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Birthday Haul: Lush, & Inglot

Even though I promised myself I would not spend more money on beauty things for the next three months I ended up failing. As my birthday was coming soon I thought I could treat myself a little, can't be too bad right?
And I actually did not spend lots of money, this was probably the most economic haul ever as I only bought things I was 'needing'. Let me talk about them:

When I went to Lush in the USA I bought this little gift box for me cause it contained the Bubblegum Lip Scrub that I really wanted to try out. This box called The Sweetest Thing looked so cute that I didn't want to open it.. and I didn't! Some days later I thought it could be a nice birthday gift to myself so I waited only one month to open it and see all the goodies. It came with a dark purple shower jelly called Sweetie Pie and with a soap that smells lovely like all Lush products. I'm so excited to try them out!

Talking about skincare, I thought it could be good to try some cream with Glycolic acid, I've heard that winter time is the best time to use them and that they really help removing scars and cleaning out the skin.
So I looked for something like that and I found this one from Reviva Labs that works for both mature and problematic skin and that had many good reviews.
I ordered this from, a lovely US website that sells everthing you need: Make up, brushes, all kind of skincare products, coffee, suplements, etc. I have previously purchased things in this website and I loved how fast the shipping to Argentina was, only 10 days and the shipping price is only $4 USD for orders that weight less than 3 lbs, so I added the European Clay Powder from Now Foods that helps minimize the pores and control excess sebum.

Last but not least I went to a mall with my mom and sisters and found some Inglot there... and just can't ignore such thing.... besides I was running out of concealers, you understand me right? I tried out their cream concealers and my oh my! they made a huge difference on my eye area. I got two: LW1 and Peach.
There was also a 30% off on selected Free System Palettes so I filled the empty spot with some brow powder in the shade #560. I will be reviewing all this products soon :)

So that was my Birthday haul, I am 23 years old now and I had a great birthday party. I'm sorry for the pictures, I woke up the next morning very hangover and excited to open my presents and thought it would be fun to take pictures for my blog... :(
I am also sorry for not being able to check any blogs the last week, I started dance lessons and I get so tired after that I can't even turn the laptop on, I'll be checking all blogs this week x

Have you guys been shopping lately as well? Tell me what you got!
If you're thinking about ordering on feel free to use the code PQW026 and you will receive $10 off on orders over $40 and $5 off on orders less than $40.
Flo x

Aunque prometí no seguir gastando plata en maquillaje y esas cositas por al menos tres meses no pude aguantarme. Como se acercaba mi cumple pensé en mimarme un poco, no puede ser nada malo, no?
Y la verdad que no gasté mucha plata, probablemente este fue el haul más económico que hice. Aquí les cuento un poco:

Cuando fui a Lush en USA me compré esta cajita llamada The Sweetest Thing ya que venía con el Lip Scrub Bubblegum que ya lo tenía en mi wishlist. Esta gift box está a menos de $23 dólares, trae otras cosas también y preferí no abrirla y aguantarme hasta mi cumpleaños y... lo hice!
Vino con un jabón de ducha con forma de estrella y un olor delicioso y una Shower Jelly (gelatina de baño) llamada Sweetie Pie, es divina!

Y como se acerca el invierno ya tenía en mente probar alguna crema con ácido glicólico que escuché que son muy buenas para exfoliar celulas muertas y remover imperfecciones, por eso compré entré a y compré una de Reviva Labs que contiene 5% Glycolic Acid ($16.21 dólares) y sirve tanto como para pieles maduras o problemáticas.
También le agregué la famosa European Clay Powder de Now Foods ($4.57) que se mezcla con agua o aceites y hacer una máscara que reduce el tamaño de los poros y limpia la piel en profundidad.

Last but not least, pasé por Inglot de Unicenter y... ya se imaginan, imposible no llevarse algo! Tenian 30% off en las paletas circulares que se pueden llenar con labiales, correctores en crema o brow powders que son sombras para usar en las cejas. Me llevé dos correctores en tonos LW1 y Peach y una sombra para mis cejas en el tono #560.

Eso fue todo, ahora tengo 23 años y tuve una fiesta muy linda. Pido perdón por la calidad de las fotos pero me desperté el día siguiente con mucha resaca pensando que sería bueno sacar fotos para mi blog (?
También pido perdón porque no tuve tiempo de chequear blogs, empecé danza y gimnasio y quedo muerta, esta semana veo todos :)

Estuvieron comprando cosas ultimamente?
Si están pensando en comprar en en pueden usar el código PQW026 y recibirán $10 de regalo en ordenes mayores a $40 y $5 de regalo en ordenes menores a $40.
Besotes, Flo x


  1. feliz cumple Flo!! y las fotos quedaron muy lindas! ni parece que las tomaste con resaca jejeje, me encanta ese lip scrub, es deliciosoo ya estoy en mi segundo potecitoo jajaja :D

    Un abrazo enorme! <3

    Liss Cope

  2. Mmmm, that clay thing looks promising, I gotta try it out :).
    Happy Bday :)!


  3. No se nota la resaca en las fotos amor, y no voy a comentar nada más del festejo para no arruinar reputaciones jajajaja. Al final no miré la gelatina loca, traela en la próxima beauty-meeting que muero de intriga :)

  4. Que envidia me das con las cosas de Lush! besos

  5. Lovely things Flo and a belated Happy Birthday! :) xx

  6. ahh feliz cumple...mimos si

    beijos e tenho um novo post!

  7. ¡Qué ganas de probar productos de Inglot, tienen tan buena pinta!


  8. Me armé una paletita de correctores de Inglot genial: un salmon, un amarillito y uno que va con mi piel para tapar imperfecciones. Me encanta porque podes elegir lo que quieras y armarte la paleta como quieras. Además la calidad es muy buena!

  9. muy lindaas compritas!! ojala vendieran Lush acá! :) Y buenisima la promo de Inglot! :)
    un besote!!!!


  10. What an amazing haul! Felicidades, bella! <3

  11. Happy birthday! It's definitely nice to be able to treat yourself. Mine is tomorrow and I don't even know what I want beside good food, lol.

  12. Happy Birthday! I loved iHerb when I used them to purchase all my Real Techniques brushes! I think I need to try a product like this, it sounds intriguing! xx
    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  13. Hermosass cosass!! Tengo la misma paletita pero con labiales! Ahora me tentaste con los correctoressss! ajaja

    Besos y Feliz Cumple niña! Sos re pequeeee!


  14. Going on a spend ban is really hard especially when all companies seem to be coming out with so many amazing new things everyday! Ojalá hayas pasado un lindo cumpleaños Flo! : ) Besote xx

  15. aaaaaaaaaaaa cuantas cosas lindaaaaaaaas
    Es taaaan dificil no caer en la tentacion xD Yo te banco sabelo!
    Te mando un beso gigante"! Ahora me pongo al dia con los posts que me perdi

  16. Haha, I'm the same! I've spent way too much this month, so hopefully I'll be able to stop for a couple of months after.

    I've always wanted to try Inglot - I keep on passing the counter at Macys for some reason. The Lush box is pretty adorable - I've never actually bought anything from Lush before, but I always wanted to try.

  17. I wish we had Inglot here, their products seem amazing! Happy belated Birthday :)

  18. que pedazo de compritas pues claro que si, si viene tu cumple que mejor capricho no? un besito

  19. Happy Birthday! I definitely think you should spoil yourself a little around your birthday, the Lush products look so nice and I've only heard great things about Inglot, enjoy!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog too!

    Zoe xx

  20. Muy buen haul! Feliz cumpleanos! Espero que la hayas pasado lindo!

  21. Happy Birthday! I'm loving your blog, can't wait to read more from you! Following for sure!

  22. What a great haul - Im yet to try Lush, but have heard nothing but good things about their products, so I really must!!

  23. And of course, happy birthday - hope you had a fantastic day!

  24. Feliz cumpleanos, I love Lush Sweetie Pie and Bubblegum lip scrub. They are absolutely amazing! I find that if you cut up the Sweetie Pie into little chunks. They last so much longer because I used to see some little pieces break off and go down the drain when it's used in large chunk.
    Lovely haul, I'd love to try out Inglot.

  25. Idk why it took me so long to find this blog, love itt
    (Makeup | Skincare| Etc)

  26. wooooo cuantas cosas!!! así da gusto celebrar un cumpleaños! jejejej
    un besito!


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