Sunday, 24 March 2013

US haul part 2 & Highlights

Hi beauty bloggers, I'm back home and finally back blogging after some lovely weeks in the US. I had so much that I'm kinda sad I'm not there anymore. However, I enjoyed the time there to the fullest!
Now onto the haul, I knew this post was supposed to be a high-end one but I continued buying things at the drugstore and I found so many good products there that I didn't need to buy that much in Sephora.

Hola beauty bloggers! Volví a casa y a bloggear después de algunas semanas en USA. Me divertí tanto que ya extraño un poco. La vida para el turista es muy bella allá.
Como era de esperarse un viaje a USA no se puede desperdiciar y me llevé lo más que pude como vieron en la parte 1 del haul, sé que este blog era solo de marcas high-end pero como seguí yendo a Drugstores no necesité comprar tanto en lugares mas caros.

...And this is the total haul!
Even though I will review most of these products I want to say how impressed I am with some of them like the Mint Julep Mask Queen Helene which is great for oily skin, same as Lush Herbalism which is that green thing there and works as cleanser/scrub. Talking about make up I'm deeply loving Covergirl Last Blast Mascara that I even bought two of them, same thing happened with the Maybelline Dream Matte Powder, a true dupe of Mac Blot Powder and for nails I have to say that Wet n Wild and Sinful Colors are awesome!

Now for those who are interested, here are a few highlights of my trip.

Saturday, 9 March 2013

USA Drugstore & Lush Beauty Haul

Hi girls, here are a few pictures of what I've been shopping this week. As most of you know, I am in the US since last Monday and will be here for vacations until the end of March.
I am having so much fun here! I am currently in Orlando going to Disney and Universal parks everyday, for this reason I have only been to Walgreens (pharmacy) and got most of my new stuff there...I was so excited to try Essie Nail polishes, Physicans Formula and Covergirl!

I've also been to a mall that had a Lush store, omg I was soo excited to be there, I spent like an hour smelling soaps, talking with the girls who work there and listen to their advices. I absolutely loved Lush skincare products :)

I will be reviewing these stuff very soon but if you wish to see a review of any of this products in particular just tell me!

High-end haul coming very soon!

Flo x

Hola chicas, acá les muestro algunas fotos de lo que estuve comprando esta semana. Como la mayoría sabe, estoy en USA desde el lunes y me quedo hasta fin de marzo por vacaciones.
La estoy pasando bomba y yendo a todos los parques por lo cual sólo tuve tiempo de pasar por Walgreens que sería como un Farmacity y compré de todo ahí. Estaba tan ansiosa de probar la marca Essie, Physicians Formula y Covergirl!
También pasé por un mall y había una tienda Lush, me quedé una hora ahí adentro! Para las que nunca escucharon de Lush, les cuento que es una marca de cosmeticos que cuida el medio ambiente, sus productos son frescos, no estan testeados en animales y son excelentes. El olor de esa tienda me dejó enamorada :)

Voy a estar haciendo reviews de todo en los próximos días, si quieren ver algo en particular sólo díganlo! 
Ya se viene el haul de productos 'high-end' ;)

Flo x 

Friday, 1 March 2013

Let the sun come in | L'oreal Glam Bronze Trio Eclat Soleil

Today I wanted to review this bronzer I got before summer started here in South America, the L'oreal Paris Glam Bronze Trio Eclat Soleil for brunettes, a 3 in 1 product that works as a blush, highlighter and bronzer at the same time.
This trio is very shimmery and quite suitable for summer as it is perfect for adding color + glown to the skin and really handy for summertrips! It comes with a big mirror and with a not so soft little brush.

Hoy quería hacer la review de este bronzer que compré antes de que empezara el verano, L'oreal Glam Bronze Trio Eclat Soleil en el tono brunettes, un producto 3 en 1 que funciona como rubor, iluminador y bronzer.
Este trío es super brilloso y muy conveniente para verano ya que es perfecto para dar más color y brillo a la piel... y la verdad que es muy cómodo para la cartera porque viene con un espejo grande y una brochita no tan suave.
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